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We realised most brands weren't capturing their full potential on global marketplaces. That's why Babaclick exists.


We're focused on leveraging retail data to identify hidden opportunities in the e-commerce ecosystem and efficiently build solutions to capture them.


With well-oiled systems for global expansion and our driven (human) team, we retain flexibility to make changes while ensuring near-perfect execution every time.


We partner closely with leading logistics providers to power our ultra-fast supply chains. So we can quickly meet spikes in demand even when our data models underestimate it.
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A consumer goods startup building from first principles

The consumer goods industry is too caught up with the way things 'have always been done'. We're a consumer goods startup that breathes efficiency, agility and pragmatic creativity above all else. In other words, we're not interested in following convention. We're interested in creating the brands of the future. We use our unique perspectives and ultra-reactive data-driven models to power efficient global trade at lightning speed. Just try and stop us.

Customer obsession

Every product we launch goes through a strict evaluation: is it better than what's already out there? Our commitment to delivering value is why customers trust us to do what's right.

Fair pricing

We're a for-profit company. We're focused on maximising profits to fuel our further growth. But that doesn't come at the expense of our values. Our commitment to our customers is also paramount.


With our products in the hands of hundreds of thousands of people around the world, we will always take our commitment to being transparent seriously. That's a promise.


Our supply chains and data models are built to be ultra-reactive to demand. Because no one wins when companies overstock at the expense of our Earth's limited resources.

Leading brands choose Babaclick

Top brands trust us to accelerate their ecommerce growth because our tried-and-tested strategies put brands first and deliver real results.
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"We've navigated the exact same problems that brand owners face today. So working with Babaclick is a no-brainer for businesses who don't want to be held back by the obstacles we already have systems to address."

Gautam Chadha
Founder, Director

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